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Source: © Royal Society of Chemistry

The VSEPR Molecular Geometry Activity is appropriate for high school chemistry students. Students will produce 2D drawings of select molecular compounds. Then students will construct a model of the compounds, and identify the VSEPR geometrical shape.
This lesson, Gases & the Kinetic Molecular Theory moves students toward aligning the points of the Kinetic Molecular Theory and the properties of gases.
Have you tried out Doodle Notes yet? Give it a try with this free Doodle Note on Types of Chemical Bonding.
It can be pretty easy for students to draw arrows for periodic trends. But, can they really explain why the trends change across and down the periodic table? This is a wonderful class activity that really reinforces periodic trends, and will have your students describing trends in depth.
Do gases have mass? Even at the high school level, we will run into students that don’t believe that gases have mass. This really simple quick lab packs a punch in concept development. Prove the Conservation of Mass Law, and prove that gases do indeed have mass!
The majority of ionic solids are soluble in aqueous solution. However, sometimes when two soluble solutions are mixed and insoluble compound is formed. In this lab, students will observe precipitation reactions, use solubility table to predict the insoluble reactant, and write the balanced equation for the reaction.

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