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Year Long Curriculum

Complete High School Chemistry Year Curriculum.


Private community included as part of the curriculum. Collaborate with chemistry teachers from around the world!


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Chemistry Corner High School Chemistry Curriculum

Everything is included! No need to purchase separate bundles. This is the complete curriculum! Lessons, quizzes, labs, doodle notes, task cards, games and activities, unit study guides and tests all included!

What's Included!

Units : (16 Units)

Unit 0:     Introduction to Chemistry Lab
Unit 1:     Introduction to Chemistry
Unit 2:     Calculations in Chemistry w/Dimensional Analysis
Unit 3:     Atomic Structure & The Mole
Unit 4:     Nuclear Chemistry
Unit 5:     Light & Electron Configuration
Unit 6:     The Periodic Table & Periodic Trends
Unit 7:     Chemical Bonding
Unit 8:     Nomenclature
Unit 9:     % Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas & The Mole:   A Review lesson
Unit 10:   Chemical Reactions
Unit 11:   Stoichiometry
Unit 12:   States of Matter
Unit 13:   Gas Laws
Unit 14:   Thermochemistry
Unit 15:   Solutions, Acids & Bases

The Lessons…

Each lesson of a unit is made up of:

✼  PowerPoint presentation—animated & editable

✼  Student notes (Cornell Style—Cloze Notes and Blank) Editable, print, & digital

✼  Teacher notes (many include slide-by-slide background information, set-up information for demonstrations and/or labs, hints for addressing student misconceptions, and pedagogical strategies for bringing tough concepts alive!)

✼  Exit Ticket Editable, print, & digital

✼  Homework/Practice Editable, print, & digital

✼  Several lessons are differentiated for standard and honors – and a couple advanced honors!

The Units…

Unit Extrasmost units will include the following extras

✼  Lab: most units have at least one lab included

✼  Doodle Notes—one or more per unit

✼  Color-by-Number

✼  Task Cards

✼  A review game, puzzle, or class activity

✼  Teacher demonstrations

✼  Quizzes

✼  Study Guides

✼  Unit Test

Bonuses Included!

Please Note…

Keep in mind that this is a growing curriculum. The curriculum is about 75% complete at this time. New resources are being added as we grow!

Welcome Chemistry Teacher

Hello, I’m Beth and my passion is helping chemistry teachers like you!

Teaching chemistry is hard! Probably one of the most difficult subjects to teach in high school!

I have made it my mission to create high quality resources for chemistry teachers that will make their lives easier!

I have twenty three years of experience teaching chemistry. My chemistry resources are classroom proven and student approved!


The second part of my mission is to provide a private platform where chemistry teachers from around the world can collaborate and support each other. When I started teaching, I had no support and no materials – not even a teacher’s edition! I have worked with many new chemistry teachers, and I understand how important collaboration is. Many times the chemistry teacher is the only chemistry teacher in the school or even within the district.

After many years and hours of working, modifying, and reworking, I have written a curriculum that is very effective and engaging for high school chemistry students. I know what it’s like to work 60-80 hours a week to prepare for your classes. This curriculum will save you hours valuable of time.


Thank you for checking out both! Purchase from either place will include the same resources. If you purchase the curriculum from my website, it also includes a built-in private community just for teachers using the Chemistry Corner Community. You get access to all the same resources plus in-depth lesson plans, unit plans, a curriculum map and pacing guide, NGSS correlation, TEKS correlation, and, of course, access to the Chemistry Corner community where you can connect with teacher from around the world. The online curriculum and community will also have bonus units included, and I’m constantly adding new resources. Each resource is downloaded individually as needed.

As long as you maintain your membership, you get access to everything! Should you cancel, you keep only files you have downloaded.

On my TpT store, I have unit bundles and the full curriculum available for immediate digital download. After purchasing, you will download zip folders of all of your resources. You also can always download any & all updates to them in the future from your “My Purchase” page on TpT.

The community is a part of the online curriculum, and housed on our website. Here, you will be able to meet teachers from around the world that use the same curriculum. You can connect with community teachers to share documents or assessments, collaborate on projects, and share thoughts and ideas. This is a great place to connect and gain much needed support! 

After entering your information, you will receive a log-in and password for the site.  You’ll then gain access to the community and curriculum where you can start going through all your new resources! You’ll immediately gain access to every unit in the curriculum. In the future, this will also include access to the bonus units.

Yes, we accept school POs. If you are interested in getting a quote for a school PO, please complete this form.

Please note that one subscription is the purchase of one teacher license. You will need to purchase a subscription for each teacher that will be using the curriculum. For quotes for more than three teachers please email us for information at

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of these resources there are no refunds. Be sure to check out my reviews on TpT and on this website!

We are offering the first year membership subscription for free. Each year after that the community membership fee will be $59/year. This will also include access to the Chemistry Corner Curriculum. You must choose one of the following options to pay for the curriculum. You will have access to the curriculum as long as you renew the membership subscription fee of $59/year.

If you choose the quarterly subscription, your credit card will be charged the quarterly rate when you sign up and then on that same date of the month three months later and each quarter after that for the first year.  After that, you will be charged $59/year to maintain access. This quarterly charge gets you the full access to all curriculum resources and the Chemistry Corner Community as long as you’re a member!  

If you select the annual subscription, you will be charged the full amount after hitting submit. This subscription gives you access to the full curriculum and community for 365 days. After the first year, you will be charged $59/year to maintain access.

Each teacher needs their own teacher membership license. We do offer discounts to schools or districts purchasing multiple teacher licenses. Please contact Beth at with questions, or see further information on our Purchase Order page. With my curriculum your school will no longer have a need to buy textbooks for all the students. We give you everything you need! This is a massive savings to your school district!

New or renewed credit card? No problem! To change your payment method, access your account information from the side menu or from the dropdown menu under your name in the top menu. Next click on “Billing Info”. You can change your card info here.

Yes, of course. We will hate to see you go, but I understand that you might be assigned a new prep or just decide that you don’t need these resources anymore.

If you used a credit card, you can cancel by clicking on the head logo/avatar on the top right of the screen when you are logged in. Click on settings and then Billing Info. There you will see your current subscriptions. Next to it are 3 dots, click there and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Absolutely! We are constantly updating current resources and adding new resources. We anticipate the chemistry curriculum being completed by mid March. New bonus units will also be added. These are units that are not customarily included in most state standards, but are needed by some teachers.

These resources work best for students in grades 9-10. Of course, students vary quite a bit across the nation and within schools. It is recommended that students have completed algebra I before starting this course. The course is designed as a typical high school chemistry year curriculum. It is appropriate for the standard level class. Where appropriate, lessons have a standard version and an honors version. A couple even have an advanced honors version.

I recommend you download and try out free lessons and resources to see how those would work with your students. They are a great representation of the curriculum as a whole. It is easy to modify as most resources include an editable version. This makes it easy to make things a little more advanced or simple depending on the group you are teaching. 

The daily lessons are structured for a 50 minute class schedule. However, this schedule can be easily structured to meet a block schedule.

You can download a FREE pacing guide that is based on a 50 minute class schedule. The curriculum map that is included is structured for the 50 minute class for 36 weeks. Modification to this is included for the 50 minute class for 18 weeks – basically the schedule for the block scheduled class.

Yes! Each lesson and a lot of the support resources have both print and digital options. These are housed on Google Drive and integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom. They will also integrate perfectly with Schology, Canvas, and other online password protected Classrooms. You can also print everything! Most resources are completely editable and easy to modify!

I am happy to address questions that you may have about purchasing a subscription to the Chemistry Corner Curriculum & Community. Please feel free to email me at

Once you join the Chemistry Corner Community, there are many places to ask questions and connect with other teachers using the same materials within the community such as the activity feed, groups, or forums, or even with just one other teacher. Within the community, you can also send me private messages through notifications.

What Teachers Are Saying

"Fellow Chemistry Teachers, New & Experienced!! As an experienced chemistry teacher, it's easy to spot valuable curriculum, albeit rare. Whether or not your students are provided a textbook, most are reluctant to use them. That's one of the strengths of Chemistry Corner's materials. Students who enjoy the more colorful and interactive science lessons, find the format a fun way to learn."
Suzanne J.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Thank you for one of the most memorable experiences of my teaching career. Your resources are well designed, thorough, and engaging for ALL students. You continually go above and beyond to support not only the students but also the teachers who purchase your resources. Well, DONE in all aspects! Resources from Chemistry Corner will not only save you time but also make you fall in love with teaching again!"
Katie H.
Ontario, Canada
"This is my first year teaching. I have three different Preps. This chemistry course is a lifesaver. The lesson plans are well-written. I can open up the folder, print out the student notes, and teach right from the PowerPoint with no effort. It almost feels like I'm cheating. I may make some tweaks to the PowerPoints and homework assignments for my students. The included labs are great but I may need to substitute some of them because I don't have the chemicals required. If you're looking for a complete curriculum of chemistry that is engaging and is easy for the students to understand then choose this one. "
Norman B.
"We lost 2 chemistry teachers before the end of the first quarter. I was moved from Earth Science to Chemistry since we were having trouble finding a chem teacher. Long story short, I was overwhelmed. This resource is very well thought out. I have not taught every lesson in it but I have gone through all of the materials and it really is a full year of chemistry. The teacher notes are helpful and point out a lot of the challenges that students commonly face. The power points are well done. A big part of these lessons is that they are editable so you can start to tailor them as needed. A great resource, I am happy with the purchase. "
Mark T.

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  • Full Year High School ChemistryCurriculum
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  • Task Cards
  • Games & Activities
  • Quizzes
  • Unit Study Guides
  • Unit Test
  • Unit Plans
  • Curriculum Map
  • Pacing Guide
  • NGSS Correlation
  • TEKS Correlation