Chemistry Corner

Teaching Nomenclature with Confidence

If you are a chemistry teacher, you have probably experienced teaching your heart out– just working away teaching nomenclature. They’ve got it! Great! Then, the first assignment comes along, and students promptly begin sticking roman numerals and prefixes everywhere! Ugh! What are they thinking? What is the best way to teach this concept in a …

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Collaboration for Chemistry Teachers

Why is Collaboration for Chemistry Teachers Difficult? Let’s face it. Teaching chemistry is not easy! Besides being one of the more difficult high school subjects, teaching chemistry presents many challenges that are unique to the subject. But, one of the biggest challenge is the availability of collaboration among chemistry teachers. There are approximately 3.2 million …

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Teachers! Can't wait for Winter Break? Counting the days? But, do you dread the After-the-Holiday Return-to-Work Blues that you know are coming? Follow these 8 teacher tips to avoid the blues, have the best holiday break ever, and return to work refreshed!

8 Tips For Teachers to Avoid the After-the-Holiday-Break Return-to-Work Blues

Teachers, did you count down the days to Thanksgiving Break? Was your next thought: “And then, there are only 15 more school days until Winter Break!” Follow these eight teacher tips to avoid the after-the-holiday return-to-work blues, and enjoy the best winter holidays ever. If you’re like me the idea of having roughly fifteen days off …

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