Beth Curtis

About Chemistry Corner

The first ten years of my teaching career I taught middle school science. Then, I transferred to high school where I have been teaching chemistry for the last eleven years. I enjoyed my time teaching middle school, but I have found my home with my high school students and the subject that I’m passionate about! It is exhilarating to inspire students to become curious about, just be awe-struck by, and possibly love themselves- chemistry!

But, I’m also very fascinated by the art of teaching–the pedagogy. I am always curious to find better ways and best practices to educate students. What little tweak or modification will make the difference? How can I constantly keep in mind the needs and challenges of my top students, while engaging my lower level students. I have had quite a few student teachers over the years, which also brought into the mix the challenges of teaching new teachers. To that end, I have discovered my second passion in preparing new secondary science teachers for their new careers. And, since the number of college graduates choosing to teach secondary science is dwindling by the year, I take this as a very important effort for all of us involved in science education.

Seeing where my career was leading me, I returned to school and got my masters degree in curriculum and instruction, specializing in 7-12 science education. Now days, I still work at inspiring my own students, but I also work with new teachers, and teachers that are teaching chemistry for the first time.

The left side of my brain allows my nerdiness to shine! I’ve always been drawn to math and science. I just love the logic of it all, and I love putting together how things are so intertwined in the world–it’s just so amazing, miraculous, and I just stand in awe at times.

But the right side of my brain has always battled it out with my left brain, straining with creativity that must have an outlet! Curriculum development is a perfect match! I’m still working with science, but I can use my creativity to develop lessons that really deliver results, and allow me to continue to research the art of pedagogy–continuously on the hunt for best practices that match the teenage mind!


Jake, the Dog!

Creatively speaking, I also love to garden and take care of my house plants that are beginning to take over the house! I have three wonderful, awesome daughters, (no pictures allowed- per the daughters) and my constant companion, Jake, the German Shepard Dog. And just to keep things interesting, I love to write fiction, and have published one book of short stories- Southern Lit. short stories. Check them out if your interested. Maybe some day I will get to the other five or six books that are stuck in my head waiting to get on paper!

kindlecoverCreativity and nerdiness met in the middle and Chemistry Corner was born.  With this site, I hope to create a resource that will give chemistry teachers, both middle school and high school, new and veteran, a “go to” place.